June 29, 2016



Those with Olympic aspirations  will be going for gold .-some of us have to settle for a little less.

Half the job :

Seven years ago, I could not walk more than 100m at a go. I finally had de-compressive and fusion surgery, and 6hrs work by an excellent surgeon re-built the duff bits of my spine – but that was only half the job.

The other half:

I had to learn to walk again, involving re-training my core muscles to their original functions.

Fran Silver has been patiently doing this for some years and now  has me, at age 70, on a maintenance  program. He has proved painstaking, and very knowledgeable of anatomy and physiology.  He explains the ‘why?’ of every exercise, and the target to be achieved – all of which are a continuous encouragement.

If you are like me, and too old or decrepit  to go for gold these days — I recommend you go for SILVER !