The Trainer-Client Relationship

Just a quickie…this is something I was thinking about while running earlier.

There are 4 ways in which the trainer-client dynamic can be defined:

1. Good trainer – Good client:
Anything is possible. The client puts it in, the trainer works hard to progress the training and tweak it based on the client’s feedback. Goals are reached and remade, then reached again. The client learns from the trainer, and the the trainer learns from the client.

2. Good trainer – Bad client:
The client expects all the work to be done for them. The trainer keeps trying new tactics, but the client simply doesn’t stick it out. Unfortunately, the client tends to blame the trainer in this situation. Sometimes with the right attitude from the trainer the bad client can be changed to good, but for this to happen the trainer needs to be s**t hot and have the patience of a saint.

3. Bad trainer – good client:
I expect (sadly) this is the most common combo in big commercial gyms. The client has all the intentions of working hard and doing what it takes to reach their goals, but the trainer simply doesn’t channel that energy. Illogical training progs, no nutrition strategy, no progression, no milestones and a trainer who blames the client for his/her own shortcomings and laziness. Frustratingly, the client will buy into this attitude and wonder how hard they need to work to hit their goals. Extreme diets and gym addiction follows. Goals may eventually be reached, but rebound is likely and burn out inevitable. Bad trainers need to realise that they must be malleable and shape their training style to suit the client’s personality. Bad trainers simply don’t care enough.

4. Bad trainer – bad client:
You must have seen this one. Client hardly working up a sweat doing something like walking on a treadmill. Trainer texting on their phone wondering how they ended up with such a lazy client. Someone’s gotta wake up and figure out their role in this relationship before money is wasted and all ties are severed. Neither party really comes out of this looking great! I’m not even sure how this relationship gets repaired. Maybe one or both of them need to read a blog post like this and realise it’s talking about them!

Which one are you and your trainer?

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