June 13, 2016


I decided to change my lifestyle as I was drinking, eating and worst of all, drink driving as well as sleeping too much, so something had to change. Prioritising food, drink, fun & wellbeing was the order of the day. My will power is not good and I had tried various regimes, Atkins, cabbage soup etc… they all worked but the lbs. soon came back. After careful consideration, I figured that if I gave up the booze, the other priorities should fall in line, as I tended to eat when I had a drink, felt stuffed and then drove home feeling awful the next day. I decided to try hypnotherapy to quit the booze. This had the desired effect and overnight I found I had become a private taxi firm for all my friends.

Then came the wellbeing issues. Gyms were a BIG no go area for me. I had tried on several occasions and quickly found that with the joining fees and monthly charges, they were costing me about £100.00 a visit. I swam at the New Chiswick Pool, so one day I decided to join the gym there. Lack of motivation was my concern plus with my attention span, remembering how all the equipment works worried me, so I decided to look into a personal trainer. I was inclined to choose a female trainer, figuring that I could get away with more and my lifestyle would not be an issue, so I contacted three trainers. Francis was the last on the list, but something inside me told me to choose him, as he was confident and appeared to know what I was looking for, which gave me confidence too. All the trainers were all about the same price per hour give or take a few £’s.

Meeting Francis the first time, I immediately felt at ease. I explained what my goals were, which were quickly taken on board. A thorough induction was carried out, which revealed to my horror that I weighed a hefty 89 KG with a whopping body fat content of 25% topped off with a vast 38-inch waist. Clearly action was called for, so I saw him twice a week over a 10-week period (as a discount is available) and was set numerous home excersise and stretch routines.Well the weeks have passed into 15 months, as I find the varied routines and the focusing on specific areas, make the whole experience enjoyable. It made such a change to be motivated into doing things I never dreamt I would or could do. (e.g. clap press-ups)  He even managed to make me enjoy the rowing machine. We always have a good laugh, even after all this time and I now consider him to be my most expensive friend. He has never let me down. I now see Francis once a week just to keep me in shape and find that I go to the gym on my own steam or go for a run.

To summarise I would happily recommend him to you and have done so to my friends, one of whom, Julia, sees him on a weekly basis. At the time of this writing she has been seeing him for 28 weeks. I would be delighted to discuss any of the above should you wish.

PS: As of today’s date weigh 79 kilos with a body fat content of 17% with a 31-inch waist. (Cost me a bloody fortune for a new wardrobe!) You can see from the attached photos of me the change it has made. He certainly was a significant factor in my lifestyle change. Many thanks Francis.