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Breakfast seems to be the toughest time for people to get some protein in. Not many people fancy cooking steak or chicken in the mornings, and others find that the thought of eggs and smoked fish at that time of day is quite, well, disgusting.

Enter the smoothie. The easy breakfast that can be eaten on the go and tweaked to suit all but the most picky of tastes. With the right ingredients it can be amazingly energy giving and surprisingly filling. In fact, I would wager that a smoothie made with enough protein and fat would exceed a big bowl of porridge (traditionally thought of as supremely filling) in the staying satiated until lunch time stakes.

So, what makes a smoothie great? Well, the same as any meal really. You want a good serving of both protein and fat, with sugar and starch being limited to a few grams maximum. I have created three smoothies for you to get started with, but I hope to routinely add more as I try new themes and ingredients for myself. Personally, I am a fan of a breakfast being made from all whole foods. Therefore I would encourage people not to treat these as meal replacements (although they fit that mould fine), but as a very good contingency plan for when time gets away from you.

“But, smoothies are old hat! This isn’t a new idea!” I hear people scream. I know it isn’t an original concept. And there is no way I am claiming any kind of inventor’s rights for any of these. I simply steal everyone else’s ideas and make them a bit better (if needed). I will also recommend the best smoothies for your goals, which I automatically assume to be maximum fat burn and maximum energy EVERY DAY. These smoothies will not be like the sugar laden monoliths that certain coffee establishments market (skimmed milk, so they’re alright, right?! Right?). The smoothies on this page will be healthy, filling, energy giving, conducive to fat loss, tasty and quite possible ORGASMIC. (Note, no orgasms will be experienced unless you sit on your blender or something!)

All you need is a decent blender and a nice, big cup, glass or protein shaker to drink the smoothie from once created.

As an extra note, I want to quickly talk about whey protein. Whey protein is a great and very nutritious way of getting a portion of protein in. However, the sports supplement industry is extremely unscrupulous and your health is not always their priority. With that in mind I advise caution when buying a whey protein powder. My recommendation would be Impact Whey Isolate found on MyProtein ( It is refined/processed enough to get rid of most of the lactose (the sugar commonly found in whey proteins, and a common cause of stomach complaints among whey protein users.) There are a variety of flavours available, all of which would add an extra dimension to any smoothie I recommend. The caveat is the presence of flavourings and sweeteners in the flavoured varieties. MyProtein use flavourings and sweeteners that are currently considered ‘OK’ and not harmful to health, but if you are looking to completely clean your diet up of any potential toxin, unflavoured is the way to go. This is something you would need to decide for yourself.

Good Morning Frannocino

What you need:

Unflavoured whey protein powder (50g)
Organic cocoa powder (4 tsp)
Vanilla essence (0.5 tsp)
Coconut milk (100ml)
Coffee (that has brewed and gone cold) (200ml)

If you use chocolate, latte or vanilla flavoured whey, you probably don’t need the cocoa or vanilla essence. Although, the cocoa is great in its own right so, even with the chocolate protein powder, it adds a nice bitter taste.

Chuck it all in a blender and blend. Add ice. Drink. Yum


Berrie Bad Boy

What you need:

Unflavoured (or fruit flavoured) whey (50g)
Vanilla essence (0.5 tsp)
Coconut milk (100g)
Water (100ml)
Handful of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries
Xylitol (natural sweetener) if you need a little extra sweetness (1 tsp)

Chuck it all in a blender and blend. Add ice. Drink. Yum

Rocket fuel

What you need:

Unflavoured (50g)
Vanilla essence (0.5 tsp)
Cocoa (3 tsp)
MCT oil (20ml) (can be increased as your digestive system gets used to it)
Extra strong coffee brewed overnight (100ml)
Xylitol (natural sweetener) if you need a little extra sweetness (1 tsp)
Unsalted, grass fed butter (20g)

This is a cold version of bullet proof coffee which can be read about here.

Chuck it all in a blender and blend. Add ice. Drink. Yum

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