July 13, 2016

Personal Training

Before you commit to anything that costs money, feel free to take me up on my free consultation offer. Just get in touch and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you to discuss your goals and how my services can help.


Exercise coaching

My coaching is available in the gym, at your home or outside in a location of your choice and you can split the cost of the session with a friend if you wish.

In the gym…

I am currently working from Topnotch Health Club in Brentford where you can book me most mornings, afternoons and evenings from Monday to Saturday. You don’t need to be a member when you have a session with me, so all you will pay is my session fee. In the gym I will take care of your exercise selection and programme design and ensure that you move safely and effectively. We can work together to manage your weight, your physical performance or help you overcome injuries.

In the park…

I can meet you at an outdoor location of your choice and bring with me a large selection if equipment to make the workout enjoyable, varied and fun. I will work with you to show you how to best make use of the fantastic outdoor spaces we have in London to ensure that you are never without options when you exercise alone.

In your home…

If you have the space to exercise, I can make it work. I will bring a selection of equipment to suit your needs and show you how to turn your home into your own personal gym any time you want to workout!


Nutritional coaching

Nutritional coaching is also available if you’d like to discuss how you can make your food work for you. We can sit and discuss your goals and work out the perfect dietary strategy to reach them. This can be face to face or via phone/Skype.

For all my coaching services, I charge per hour. My rate is between £40-60/hour depending on the location of your coaching and on any block booking discounts we can apply. For example, a one off hour coaching session in the gym is £50, whereas if you buy a block of 5+ sessions I will charge you £40 per session. Please contact me with any specific enquiries about prices.


Health and fitness assessment

If you don’t need exercise or nutrition coaching, but would like to discover the current position of your health and fitness, my ‘How Fit Are You’ assessment is a perfect place to start. Find out more by clicking HERE