June 13, 2016


I’ve been training with Francis spurred on by the fact I was getting married, had stopped working due to physical exhaustion and a continuing back problem brought on by a motorcycle accident in my teens. I have never considered myself a ‘gym’ person, so the thought of three weekly sessions with a trainer was quite daunting. I needn’t have worried. From day one Fran was calm and gentle (not too gentle!) and made me feel instantly at ease. We worked out my fitness levels and my weak points, coming up with a programme individually tailored to my needs.

My aims when I started were to increase my energy levels, to get toned but not muscular, and to strengthen my back. Now just three months on, I am feeling like a new person. We have cut my sessions to once a week and I now have the confidence to visit the gym by myself, thanks to the support of Fran. After just a couple of weeks of training Fran located the problem muscles in my back and we started to work on them. I now rarely have any pain, which after 15 years is like a miracle to me. I am no longer afraid to use and work the muscles that were problematic. If I feel any twinges I perform some of the prescribed exercises and feel an instant improvement. My fitness levels have improved hugely. I am never overly aware that I am being pushed harder each session, due to the fact that the workouts are varied and interesting – helped by Fran’s banter, although it can be tricky to hold a conversation whilst on the treadmill, be warned!

Sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is going to the gym, but even if I turn up not in the best frame of mind, I always leave with a smile on my face and in a good mood. Fran has adapted my programme session by session, for example; if I have been feeling wound up or stressed, a good boxing workout has soon alleviated this. When I have had pain in one area he has adapted the session to work around it, allowing me to still improve in other areas. I am very pleased to have Fran as my trainer and will continue to work with him into the forseeable future. I suggest you give him a call, you’ll soon be feeling better I promise.