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With my blog I aim to communicate to you all the cool things I learn; from the scientific, research driven knowledge I study at university, to the anecdotal/experience driven knowledge I pick up whilst working as a personal trainer / strength & conditioning coach. I hope I can present this knowledge to you in a way that you find informative and engaging so that you can take as much pleasure from it as I do!

I am a big fan of evidence based practice. For me, evidence can come in several forms: Firstly, research based evidence, that is, the results of scientific studies. Secondly, it can be anecdotal, wherein something has worked in my own or my colleague’s practice, but it maybe doesn’t yet have substantial research to corroborate it. Finally, evidence borne form my own experiences both as a trainer and trainee. When writing, I will do my very best to stick to the evidence, and make it clear when I am stating my own opinion on a matter.

Please feel free to use the comment sections with critique and questions for any of my posts.

Thanks, Fran

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