Monday Motivation 8

I’m not entirely sure Buddha was talking about the gym when he uttered the sentence I used as this Monday’s quote. But you never know.

Whatever the context, I’m sure we can all find an appropriate meaning. Today is the first Monday in February, and February is the month for me that I get the most calls for help with gym programmes and eating plans. Maybe it’s because people have finally been paid after a 5 to 6 week absence of spondoolies, or maybe it’s because after starting January with good intentions, momentum has slowed and a metaphorical (or literal) kick up the butt is required. Today’s quote is a message to all those people. To have even started was the biggest step you had to take. Be proud of yourselves. But don’t let the first shift of inertia derail your efforts. Listen to Buddha. You started, now make sure you finish. Do whatever it takes to rekindle the motivation you felt when the goals were made and keep the fight going until they are not only complete, but smashed. To leave anything incomplete is as bad as failing to start (Buddha’s words, not mine!)

To those who haven’t yet started on their goals. Get on with it! What are you waiting for?

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