Monday Motivation 7

Happy Blue Monday! Today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year! Bring it on!! Today I want to talk about planing for your future success.

Any success that you have in the future starts today. If you put into action the steps that it takes to achieve your goal, whatever it is, you are on your way to achieving it. The London Olympics brought this fact home for me. As I saw athletes celebrating their gold medal on the podium it struck me that the race/event they won was just the final act of a long and grueling journey. At some point, probably 4 or 5 years before their journey climaxed they made up their mind to put the required work in to reach the pinnacle of their sport in time for London 2012. Effectively they won their gold medal on that day by making that promise to themselves and sticking to it.

We all want great things from our lives. We all hope that the decisions we make and the actions we take lead to great success. In the health and fitness world this is abundantly clear. In every gym you will find people who yearn to reach their goals. It’s simple, if you want to enjoy success in the future you HAVE to do something about it NOW. No other time will cut it. For me, this simple, almost obvious advice is very true. The people who know me will attest to just how much of a procrastinator I am! The truth of it all is if you really want to be slim/strong/beach ready/chiseled/etc the best time to do it would have been last year, or the year before. You’d now be enjoying the rewards of that work. The second best time to do it is now. There is no time for procrastination or hesitation.

So, despite the nation collectively telling you that this is the worst day of the year, make it the best day of your life. Make a decision to achieve everything you wish to achieve. Good luck.

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