Monday Motivation 5

Here we are again. It is Monday once more. I hope you feel something was achieved since last week! Today I want to talk about the actions that make us or break us – habits.

Everything you do is everything you are. Our bodies are literally physical manifestations of our numerous daily habits. As I’ve said previously, this time of year often coincides with people planning to change. If you want to change who you are, change your habits. As the quote in the picture says, excellence is not an act, but a habit – or a collection of several (hundreds) of positive actions. If you want to change something about yourself think about it in terms of the habits that make it, as well as the habits you need to instil to create something new.

Lets look at weight loss as an example. Your weight is just a representation of your numerous habits associated with several activities (nutrition, exercise, self image to name a few). If you are resolving to lose a few pounds in the New Year take some time to consider the habits you have that may slow this process down. Also take some time to consider the habits you may need to practice to speed things up. I can tell you now, approaching weight loss as one big task to either do, or not do, is the wrong way. Break it into 20 smaller actions, all of which you aim to do 5% better. They’ll all add up. Going all or nothing (100% or 0%) leaves you with no room for manoeuvre and unfortunately more often than not ends in failure.

To put this in terms of motivation befitting of such a glorious Monday you need to think of the bigger things ahead of you in life as a series of very small actions. A task such as losing 10-20lbs can be very daunting when seen in its entirety. If you view it as lots of easy to accomplish tasks you will approach it with a greater sense of purpose and far less trepidation.

As always, good luck!

PS, as an extra, each Monday I’m going to add whatever tune is pushing me through my harder sets in the gym! Hope it’s to your tastes, sorry if it isn’t!!  Florence and The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)


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