Monday Motivation 10

Happy Monday everyone! Today I’d like to talk about 2 of the most important factors in achieving success with your health and fitness related endeavors; having a well structured goal and visualising yourself achieving it.

Before I start work with any new client I like to sit down and talk to them about what they want from me and what they hope to achieve. It is amazing how positive this small discussion leaves people feeling, before they’ve lifted any weights, run any circuits or cleaned up their diet. The reason for this is nothing to do with me (although I like to claim some credit if I can!). All I have helped to do is make what was once a nebulous idea of a goal into a structured and defined target. To actually know what is it you are going to work for is very energizing. Knowing what is dangling at the end of the metaphorical stick fills us with motivation. The idea of any positive change can be enough to get us moving, but forming that idea into something clearly defined is needed to give that movement momentum and focused direction.

After we have conceived our goals in their entirety, we must work on making them believable. The best goals are the ones that scare us, and almost overwhelm us. Why aspire to do something if it isn’t amazing right? It is not uncommon for the magnitude of some goals to make them feel unrealistic at times. We must work against this by taking the time to visualise achieving the goals and being the person who stuck with it until the end. Spending a few moments each day to picture yourself at your target weight, or running your target marathon time will be invaluable to you in the long term. If you have trouble doing this you must ask yourself why. Either your goal is unrealistic, or your self belief needs some tweaking. Either way, addressing the problem will put you in a better place.

So, this Monday, take some time to allow your mind to fully CONCEIVE your goals for this week/month/year. Express those goals in as many ways as possible and rubber stamp them by putting them in writing. Make sure your heart BELIEVES them by seeing the future you living them out, and indulge yourself in this fantasy. Be sure to take the time to bathe in how good it feels, how great you look and soak up what it means to complete your goal. Then know you are ready to ACHIEVE everything you aspire to do. Good luck.

If you have any Qs about techniques you can use to assist in your goal setting or visualisation please feel free to ask.

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