Monday Motivation

Monday signals the start of a new week. Another chance to progress towards your goals and make your life better. It seems odd to me that Monday gets such a bad rap. Yes, it signals the end of a weekend, and presumably a bit of rest and relaxation. If your weekend was great, be thankful for that experience. See that it was a good thing that it happened, not a bad thing that it ended. Surely by now we must have learned that all good things come to an end, so why is it such a surprise that weekends draw to close!?  Don’t waste your Monday wishing your time away. Be positive that you had a bit of time off and attack your working week with all the motivation of someone who WANTS and NEEDS to succeed. Get your week off to a good start and think positively. If you can make your Monday good, how brilliant will every other day be?

Each Monday I will do my best to lift your spirits with a quote or a story that has uplifted me. Hope you find some inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  • Hi there. I find that people spend too much time living in the past, going over both the good times and the bad, and too much time anticipating the future, what may or may not happen, but too little time experiencing what is happening now. Now is when you do the things that will lead to your success. So, now that Monday is almost over, if you haven’t lived it fully, you’ve lost it forever. But then, there is always Tuesday……

    • Thanks for the great response. A favourite phrase of mine and one of my closest friends is Carpe Diem – Sieze the day. Very very true.

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