Monday Motivation 9

Excuses DENIED!

Welcome to another Monday, and the start of another week full of potential. In my post today I want to talk about excuses.

Every goal you aspire to achieve will involve a journey full of obstacles. How much these obstacles hinder your progress is down to you. Where one person sees an obstacle as an excuse, another person sees the potential for a solution and a chance to learn about themselves and their desire to achieve. Excuses aren’t real. They are figments of our imagination. They only exist when we perceive them to be more important than they actually are. We like to believe in excuses as they represent an easy way out. We say “x couldn’t be done because of y” when in fact, it couldn’t be done because of YOU. An excuse’s strength comes solely form the person believing it.

Check out THIS VIDEO. I’m sure the guy in it had plenty of reasons not to push himself and strive to be better. But he chose not to believe any of them. Instead, he chose to believe in himself. He should serve as an inspiration to anyone looking to increase their physicality.

So, next time you ponder on why something can’t be achieved, change your perception and think of how it can be achieved. You have two choices; be an excuse maker, or a solution creator. There is nothing that can’t be achieved. Good luck.

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