Monday Motivation 6

Yesterday you said tomorrow….

First Monday back at work after the festive period for most of us; one of the happiest times of the year [/extreme sarcasm]. It’s also a time of year that gyms get busy and trainers/bloggers/internet know-it-alls offer up their best weight loss advice, hoping for all the newbies to gobble it up. Sadly, I’m no different. But rather than use this post to tell you what the best exercise is for the little area of your back just below your armpit I’m going to keep it general, and keep it simple. To achieve your health and fitness goals this year you have to actually do what you say you are going to do. It’s all very well feeling that steely determination rise up inside you as you watch the London fireworks after 12 glasses of Cava and silently promise yourself that this year is going to be YOUR year. The year that you actually do everything you say you are going to do (much like last year and the year before and the year before that). I’m sure most of us felt that motivation pinning us up against the wall by our throats, I certainly did. But in the cold light of day, on this Monday, when motivation may have taken a ‘small’ downward turn, ask yourself this – are you really going to ‘do it’? Quite simply, the answer HAS to be yes. If you can claw yourself out from the pit of despair that is this first working Monday of the year then you can do it any time. What you do doesn’t matter, as long as it’s something. Do something, anything, every day this week to move you closer to your overall goal. Even if that something is to simply ask an ‘expert’ like myself what the best way to get started is. Or stop drinking any alcohol for 4 weeks. Or clear out all the leftover sugary food. Doing nothing will get you nowhere. Doing something will get you somewhere, and starting from scratch as I assume a lot of people are, almost any change is progress.

So, remember, last year you said you’d do it this year. Last week you said you’d do it this week. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count. If not now; when? As ever, good luck and take care.

My tune for this week’s hardest sets is Tenishia – Shores of Eden

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