June 9, 2016

Martin L

I am an extremely busy doctor working at a London teaching hospital and I have always wanted to be fit. I have joined umpteen gyms and paid untold amounts of money in membership fees. Each new membership brought with it a one to two week spurt of exercise. This was always short lived. A combination of boredom with the routine and the excuse of business meant that I always stopped doing exercise by the end of a month.

I have always been a bit suspicious of personal trainers but after a year of feeling completely unhealthy I asked Fran to take me in hand. I am fantastically pleased I met him. I am no longer bored when I exercise, I feel physically better than I have done for years and the effects of a session a week spill into the rest of my week. I now look forward to taking exercise on my own. I have undergone a fitness conversion!

In the 6 months I have been seeing him my cardiovascular risk as fallen by 30% as both my blood pressure and pulse rate have fallen. Not only do I feel better but I am physically fitter and I am investing in a better and longer life.

Fran is charming and friendly, extremely encouraging and thoughtful about exercise. He rings the changes and I always enjoy my sessions with him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.