August 14, 2013

How Fit Are You?

How Fit Are You? A question you need to know the answer to if you hope to make the appropriate changes to your lifestyle and monitor your progress. The assessment can take place at home, at work or in the gym. Each assessment takes approximately 15 minutes and costs just £20. Discount is available for repeated tests.

The HFAY? Personal Fitness Assessment is a comprehensive range of tests that will give you a clear view of your current state of health and fitness, all presented in a clear PDF report for you. What’s more, if there are any aspects of fitness that you would like to be tested on, I am happy to incorporate them into the testing protocol – making the HFAY? test as personal to you as you want it to be. Contact me here to arrange your testing session.

The HFAY? test delivers results for the following measures:

 Body composition tests

o Height
o Weight
o Body mass index
o Body fat percentage
o Tissue weight
o Tanita ® visceral fat rating
o Waist to hip ratio
o Hydration levels
o Tanita ® physique rating

Cardiovascular tests

o Blood pressure
o Resting heart rate
o VO2 max
o Peak flow

Metabolism tests

o Basal metabolic rate
o Total daily energy expenditure
o Tanita ® Metabolic age
o Dietary recommendations

I will also incorporate any other testing protocol you see as relevant. You may be getting ready for a services fitness test – in which case I can run you through the testing procedure and mark your results. Or you may just want a specific test for your training/sporting needs. In any case, just let me know.

If you’d like to see a sample report, click here: How Fit Are You? Sample

Get in touch if you have any queries…