A Treadmill Challenge – THE DREADMILL

I like to make everything a competition. Whether I’m on my own or with others, I find the element of competition pushes me to work harder and do more. For this reason, I like to invent challenges to work against. Here is one for the treadmill.

If you’ve ever done treadmill running you will know it can become slightly boring. Boredom is not good, as it has the potential to derail your efforts. Use the DREADMILL challenge to push yourself harder and pit yourself against your peers.

What to do:

After a warm up ¬†consisting of whatever you like to feel ready, set off on a treadmill at 8kph (5mph) and 0 incline. Every minute that passes you can choose to increase the incline setting by 1, or the speed setting by 1kph (0.6mph). You don’t have to alternate, just increase whatever you want every minute. As the minutes pass the workload gets increasingly harder. See how long you can last.

You should aim to reach at least 10mins. Anything over 15 minutes is brilliant, and anything over 20mins is outstanding. I, of course, lasted until the 37th minute, at which point the treadmill exploded.

Each time you try this you may adopt different tactics to see how well you cope the different progressions. Always take note of your final minute and the incline and speed settings as you can use these numbers for some sub maximal intervals if you so desire. As a side note, this challenge will really test and push your VO2 max (how much oxygen your body is able to take in and use). You will get to the point where you can’t do anymore (physically or mentally) which is a good point to take yourself to.

Have fun!

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