Challenge yourself with chins, pyramid style!

We all know that chin ups are one of the most exciting things you can do in your day. What could be more entertaining than hanging from a bar and pulling yourself up? Sometimes though, even the most riveting activities need a revamping. So, I introduce to you, pyramid chins!

I assume you’ve got yourself a glass of water at this point to help recover from hyper ventilating. Yes, this is happening – exciting is going to get more exciting. I can hardly contain myself as I write. Pyramid chins will act as both a challenge and fresh set/rep scheme to try. Here’s what you do: for your first set, do 1 chin, then rest for 10 secs. 2nd set is 2 chins with 20 seconds rest. 3rd is 3 with 30 seconds and so on. When you fail at a set, your last completed set can be termed as the ‘tier’ you achieved. In the next workout that you do chins start at the next tier up and work your way back down to 1 rep. Alternate between these 2 rep schemes (pyramid and reverse pyramid) and you’ll be kept entertained for months, or even years.

The goal of all this is to work your way up through the tiers. As a benchmark to aim for, getting to the 10th tier (10 reps) is pretty tough (unless you are already pretty good at chins). It would be 55 chins in total, which is quite a bit for one session. If you breeze that then make it harder by working your way back down through the tiers when you reach 10. 1 to 10 and back down to 1 would equal 100reps. That would be quite some achievement.

Chose whichever style of chins you most like and use resistance if you wish. Hopefully this will add a little bit of variety to your standard rep schemes and push you on to achieving more chins. If chins are a no go for you then the scheme will work with any exercise. Using the same format would be a nice way to increase your press up ability if they cause you particular difficulty. Whatever you do, strive to keep bettering your own efforts and you’ll be fine!

Good luck and have fun.

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