June 13, 2016


I’ve been trying for as long as I can remember to get fit. I’ve been a member of so many gyms that I’ve lost count and over this very long period I’ve never really seen any specific results, sad I know but I think common for a lot of people.

So, this year I decided to take the plunge and see if hiring a personal trainer would be the difference I needed. I’m pleased to say that 8 months on I haven’t looked back. The sessions can be hard work but they are also enjoyable, they are always results orientated and our sessions vary from week to week which keeps the fun factor high. Fran also regularly updates my programme so whenever I’m in the gym on my own I am working to my overall goals, he also advises on food and general fitness questions which I also find useful as well.

It’s not a quick fix even though I thought it would be and I believe you have to look upon it as a hobby rather than something you “have to do”. I also think it’s important that the session with Fran is not the only work out you do that week. To achieve your goals (and they are achievable) I firmly believe the weekly session with Fran is the cornerstone upon which your weekly training should be based.

8 months on I feel great and I fully intend to continue with my weekly sessions. If that hasn’t convinced you then, nothing will; so I say go for it, it’s the best money you will spend!