June 4, 2012

About me

about me collage

My philosophy is simple; motivation and belief are the precursor to any kind of action, so these must be addressed first. Without the will, even the best methodologies are made redundant. Our bodies evolved to move more. Our society encourages us to move less. I want to address that balance and make you feel human again!

I love everything to do with health, fitness and sport. I try to set an example for my clients by giving any kind of activity or challenge a go (no matter how rubbish I turn out to be!). I love leading a healthy and active lifestyle and I believe it is vital to frame this way of living in a ‘performance based context’. By striving to enhance your capacity to move, be it running, climbing, skiing or lifting weights, you will discover that the body composition and aesthetic based goals occur as a natural by-product. Of course, both of these attributes can be fine tuned with a little nutritional tinkering, but I don’t like people basing their feeling of self worth on an arbitrary number on the scales or a certain ‘look’.



As well as being fully qualified and insured to be a personal trainer I have a keen interest in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am a certified practitioner. I believe that the skill to communicate and motivate is by far the most important factor in helping people, like you, reach their fitness goals.

I also love to talk ‘shop’. Feel free to get in touch if you just want to discuss/debate/bicker anything health, fitness, body and mind!