June 13, 2016


gemmainsert2gemmainsert1I began training with in preparartion for my wedding. I have never enjoyed the gym as I have no self-motivation and the only way I was going to get fit and toned was with a personal trainer. Fran was recommended to me and on our first meeting he made me feel comfortable and enthusiastic about what I needed to do.We met twice a week-whatever days and times I wanted. I work long hours, so therefore I could only train late after work. Fran was so flexible, it was NEVER a problem. He was very reliable, never late and even travelled well out of his way sometimes so I did not miss any of my sessions. For once I actually enjoyed exercising! Fran explained to me about my diet, what I was eating wrong, what would give me more energy, everything I needed to know to assist my new healthy lifestyle.

As the wedding grew getting closer, Fran became a really good friend, someone I could talk to about most things and on those really stressful weeks he brought along his boxing gloves and let me punch out my frustrations. My aim was to lose half a stone. In the time I trained with Fran I lost 10lbs and managed to increase my fitness levels. I started off being able to run 3 minutes non-stop and by the time I finished with Fran I could run 25 minutes non stop. My body changed shape and Fran’s nickname for me became the ’Tricep Queen.’ I would recommend Fran to everyone and anyone, he is now a great friend and fantastic trainer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.