June 29, 2016


ChrisinsertAs a personal trainer myself, I was often of the mindset that I should know what I’m doing and be able to take care of my own training. Until I realised that I wasn’t getting the results I knew I was capable of, I knew I could go further, what I needed was help.

I chose Fran because after speaking with him and seeing him with clients, I found I immediately related to his training ethos. And I felt it was an approach I would work well with.

The investment certainly paid off, more than I could have anticipated. With his guidance, support and instruction I was able not just to achieve my goals, but smash through them. Recording results I didn’t even think I would near.

As well as that, the experience made training fun for me again, something that had started to become a real problem throughout the last year.

The benefits were not just personal either, professionally Fran’s extensive knowledge and passion for all things fitness has allowed me to expand my own skill base and approach to engaging clients.

Quite simply I would urge you, no matter what stage of fitness you’re at, to invest in yourself with Fran and achieve what you know you’re capable of.