June 13, 2016


I first met Fran over a year ago when I decided to join the local gym. I was interested in using a personal trainer and the staff at the gym recommended that I speak with Fran. After a little chat with him I decided I would definitely hire him as a trainer as he made me feel very comfortable straight away and was very pleasant. from the very first session it was apparent that he was a very good motivator as he always managed to persuade me to do extra exercise here and there without having to force me. Even when I was having an off day he made sure that he kept pushing me and never gave in to my moaning (which I admit i did a lot!). I found myself looking forward to his sessions as we always had fun and they never became boring. This was partly due to his bum being very nice to look at, but mainly due to the fact we always had nice chats and he kept all of my exercises very varied. We have become very good friends during the time we’ve trained, and although we are close, he never lets me get away with slacking. I would highly recommend Fran to anyone looking for a trainer as he is not only very competent at his job, but also a very nice guy to go with it.