50 rep finisher

Hello everyone. Just a thought for the day seeing as its a Sunday and everyone is bound to be in the gym training. Try this little combination to finish off your future workouts…


Pick an exercise for a body part you want to bring up eg press ups for chest.

Pair it with the completely opposite movement eg low rows.

Pick a weight or technique suitable to challenge you for 15-20reps.

Perform as many reps as possible on the ‘hardest’ of the 2 then immediately match that rep score with the opposing movement. This is called supersetting and allows one set of muscles to rest while the others work

Continue like this until 50reps are completed on each exercise. Its a great way to get a nice satisfactory pump just before you leave the gym!

Just remember to stretch afterwards!

Here I am doing the press up/low row combo:

2 thoughts on “50 rep finisher

  • Hey Fran.

    Nice tip…I doubt I’d want to get a pump LOL but I do like the idea of feeling like you’ve worked your hardest by the end of a workout!! Could this work for core exercises?

    • Yes it would work, but as you say, it wouldn’t be used to promote a pump.

      I would use supersets for the core to save time. So, after you’ve worked one muscle of the core (or practiced one movement pattern), you could then work different muscles in your rest period. For example, you could perform a plank (spinal stability) for the muscles of the abdomen (rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, obliques) and while you rest from that do some pelvic bridges (hip extension) which works your glutes. Feel free to mail me if you’d like videos of these exercises.

      I would also suggest that you are more controlled with your movements through the core and think about quality of reps rather than quantity. It’s important to really feel the target muscle working.

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