12 Perfect Curls

The biceps are a muscle that most guys like to train and want to see progress with. I believe that a big part of bicepital development is being able to fully isolate the biceps even when the heat is on and fatigue is screaming at you to cheat. The 12 perfect curls ‘finisher’ is a great way to test your resolve and work with consistent form through some high levels of fatigue. The better you can keep your biceps working alone, the more chance there is of the body needing to develop them! Try out 12 perfect curls at the end of your workout. Instructions are below as well as a video.


A perfect curl is performed on an inclined bench with dumbells.

PERFECT form means a squeeze at the top, and a 1 second (palms turned out) stretch at the bottom. No swinging, jerking, resting or any other cheat!

Start with a weight that would challenge you for 12 reps.

Aim to complete all 12 reps. When form deviates from perfect, drop down a weight and add 2 reps to your target. Be strict with yourself.

Expect to use 3 or 4 different weights.

If you complete 12 reps straight, start on a higher weight.

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