10 Press Up Combos

A while ago I was practicing different varieties of press ups to give myself some new challenges. In the process of learning new press up versions I decided to try to link them all together and create a press up routine. I picked 10 moves that I thought would flow nicely and started to practice the set. It took a while and a few tweaks along the way but I eventually had my first 10 press up combo. What I also had was a very fatigued chest and core from all the new moves I had tried to combine. It felt great. The 10 press up combo was borne. I now try to create a new one every week and practice it until I have it perfected. It makes a nice change from my usual chest workouts!

Give it a try. Choose 10 press up variations (some can be repeated if necessary) and put them into one big combo. The possibilities are endless!

I’d love to see your combos if you can get a chance to film them!

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